14 types of Nigerian men that you should never date

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Image credit: goggle

If you are dating a Nigerian man, you must expect many things. They always love to dominate their partner which means you have to be very patient. They always want to show that they are the husband which means you have to be humble. They are easily carried away with love which means you need to hold unto him tightly so that he will not be snatched away from you. While you are at it, there are a few pointers you need to look out for in a Nigerian man. If he exhibits any of these traits, then you should stay away from him.

Over the course of our lives, most of us will date a mix of people, good people, bad people, good people who make bad decisions. For those of us learning to identify the people who do or do not belong in our lives — and sometimes it takes lots of mistakes to figure that out, here are some types of Nigerian men you should avoid like a plague:

He is obsessed with his ex

There’s nothing more irritating than constantly being compared to an ex. He only knows how to keep analyzing things side by side with the last person in his life. Being pitted against the memory of another person is tiresome. This one is dangerous as he will always choose her over you.

The controlling kind

He always wants to be the one in charge of everything and not even wanting to give you a chance to voice your own opinions, then you might have to run from this one.

He emotionally manipulates you

This person uses your feelings against you. Everything he says and does is designed to make you feel insecure and fearful that he might leave you so you are constantly apologizing and feeling like you are in the wrong.

The violent kind

Violence is the number one marriage wrecker. If he ever tries to throw something at you, let alone, hit you, then he is violent. For the ladies who think their man hits them because he loves them, well one day, he will kill you so run far away.

The anger management kind

He gets upset at every little thing you say. That relationship will not work because he has a million and one days to put up with you.

He thinks marriage is a trap

He might say something like — “Why is everyone in such a rush to get married?” Don’t be surprised when he gets engaged to the person he dates right after you.

He is so nice

When a guy claims he is nice, please run in the opposite direction. Anyone who is truly nice won’t need to announce it. He is especially in a fit of anger as you tell him you’re not interested in him.

The mama’s boy

There is nothing more unattractive than a man who runs to his mother at every little thing that happens to them. If you end up with this one, his mom would be the people dictating your relationship.

The community man

This guy is usually known and loved by all, but falling in love with him might not be such a great idea. He is always helping people out to the detriment of his own health, finances and well-being.

He is obsessed with settling down

This guy is so focused on the end-game that hes missing all the fun casual, getting-to-know-you stuff, which is important and exciting. He only rushes to get into a serious relationship and has made up his mind where things are going instead of letting … things … happen naturally.

The secret traditionalist

This guy publicly declares that women can do anything while he privately maintains you should stay home, raise children and clean the house?

The “Yoruba” demon

You already knew this was coming right? His words will sweep you off your feet, he’s a ladies man who can charm the roots off a tree. Men like these usually have a lot of female friends around them

He wants you to be a mind reader

He expects you to know his thought even before he thinks it. This type is impossible to please.

The Mr Me, Myself and I

This guy loves himself more than he can ever love anybody else, you included. He’s so focused on his own, needs, desires and good looks that he probably won’t have time for you and yours.

Although no one is perfect and there is no rule book in relationships, but these are a few things you might want to avoid before it’s too late.



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