Depression — Idken

Swallowing snipper because of depression is like killing yourself for not being able to solve regression.
Is there any correlation between the two?
I know there is always a degree of freedom whether you choose to live or die.
But before you make any silly move, have you conducted a t-test to check your level of ignorance.. or do you believe more on the observed while neglecting the expected.
Don’t forget there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the negative value from your ANOVA table of life depicts that it is all over.
Why not calculate for the t-cal and look for the t-tab…
Compare the two and arrive at the answer for your life.

There is always a probability in life.
You can’t expect to win all the time.
Just like a dice, you can either be the head or the tail.
If you are the tail today,it doesn’t mean that you can’t become the head tomorrow.
Nothing in this world is worth dying for.
Nothing is worth accelerating your journey to the grave.

Life will always give you two options.
You can only pick the right option if you pay attention to God who is the ruler of all creation.

Don’t be foolish to take your life, you have something to live for.


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