Good News! Six people have recovered from Covid-19 in Lagos – Commissioner for Health

In a new tweet by a Nigerian Health Physician and Special Assistant to the Lagos State Governor on Health, Tunde Ajayi, a total of six people have recovered from the Covid-19 virus and are expected to be released by tomorrow.

The report is confirmed from a call that was made to the Commissioner for Health in Lagos, Professor Akin Abayomi where he says they’re prepared to discharge six out of the 24 infected patients they have in quarantine.

Tunde Ajayi took to his page to share the news, writing,

According to Abayomi, six people will be discharged from the isolation centre in the State on Friday.

“We are going to discharge six out of our 24 patients. So our admitted patients will go down theoretically to 18 but if we admit more they will go up.”

Meanwhile, Abayomi assured Nigerians that the government is working hard to ensure cases of coronavirus are contained adding that Lagos State has “expanded capacities” to deal with the pandemic.

He added that the Lagos State government is building 250 bed capacity tents in three locations and are also “refurbishing a whole hospital in Gbagada” to accomodate potential patients.

Watch where the Commissioner for Health says they’ll be discharging six patients tomorrow,


Speaking on the state of the wards, the Health Commisioner also made it clear that recovering patients “can’t be reinfected while still in the ward” adding that the wards are “very comfortable” and clean with patients having access to Wifi and television but he insists that patients have to remain in the ward till “they survive the virus.”

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