Meet Ovie Clarkson a Fashion Blogger and Media Expert



Akpoyen Ovie Clarkson, popularly known as  ‘The Instagram Guru’  on Instagram with about 12000+ followers is a Social Media Expert with excellent Digital Marketing skills.

He has been a social media manager for over a decade working with Top Brands delivering Topnotch Services.


He is a Google certifies expert who started The SOCIAL SCHOOL on Instagram teaching over a thousand students how to Grow their pages for CARRIER & BUSINESS.

Ovie is also  a Fashion Blogger and one of Abuja’s Top Brand Influencers. He is from Delta State and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from the University of Benin.



Connect with Ovie.

Facebook            Ovie Clarkson

Instagram             @ovieclarkson.xo

Twitter                 @ovieclarkson


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