Xtabellasblog, Daughter

Xtabellasblog, Daughter

Most times, when people get heartbroken, especially when they poured out themselves into the relationship but still lost, it tends them to reserve emotions and romantic feelings. They even become unresponsive to true love.

My dear daughter,

I know you’ve been hurt but you’ve got to heal up. You can’t go on seeing every new man like the previous one who broke your heart. Let’s be clear, if you keep holding to past regrets of failed relationship, you won’t see any reason to love or be loved by someone else.

Don’t make yourself incapable to love because of the hurt you feel, we are new beings in God created to love and love only.

Everyone longs for lasting happiness, everyone wants to be loved, but bringing past regrets is the best way to remain single.

There is power to love in you, to be affectionate, and power to heal. You don’t get over a person by hating but by being loving and lovable each day. You may not agree, but truth is you’re looking to have him back, you’re expecting to see a clone of him in other men. But he’s gone and he’s not coming.

Mind you, true love is not same as being emotional, true love is empathetic and loves everyday,.

Forgive yourself, stop holding yourself hostage all these years, and uncage your mind.

I think you should submit your trauma to God who can help.

Daughter, learn to love whom the Lord choose for you.

Today’s happiness may not be a lasting happiness, but it is what the Lord gives that last forever.


Written by  Duke Oluwamurewa

Public Speaker || Inspirational Writer || Certified Relationship Coach || Personal Development & Brand Expert

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