Men, pray
Men, pray
Men will always be men is a slogan that has generated much controversy.
They say men cheats due to lack of satisfaction when they on heat.
In that case, what happened to Richard.
A man blessed with a beautiful woman who is willing to give it to him on the couch, kitchen, bedroom…. anyhow he wants it.
A woman who losses her virginity for him.
But of recent, Richard was caught in the act with one ugly, lanky looking girl next door.
And what prompted the act will make you cry.
According to him and i quote, i just love the way the girl dresses without a bra.
This is not normal ! ‘please pray for the men’.

Nelson told me the other day that he can’t date a woman who is not beautiful, caring, sexy, romantic, humble, doesn’t really likes money and must be good in bed.
Fortunately for him, he was able to find one.
But Nelson has now become a regular at Monty.
Feeding on different kinds of chicks.
Even with those that were not properly hatched.
This is a spiritual battle! ‘please pray for the men’.

Vincent has been looking for a virgin.
Even in a world where being a virgin is a taboo, he was lucky to find Sandra… the most complete virgin in the world.
And after years of showcasing his talent with the spanner between his legs, and the nut is no longer compatible with the hole, he now wants it tight. What a life! ‘Please pray fro the men’.

Nneka was told that pastors don’t cheat and he got married to one.
But after years of enduring the melody of female choristers in her matrimonial home,  she has now regret ever having such believe. ‘please pray for the men’.

They say men are adventurous in nature, but some adventures don’t worth it.
I know it’s not easy, but if you can take up the challenge with spiritual commitment, you will be able to silence the devil.

To all the good men in the world,I celebrate you for being able to resist the devil as we continue to pray for those that are still in bondage

Written by  Idken



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