Nneka, Victoria and Paulina. They were all exceptional but Angelina, the new girl in town has been killing me emotionally.

I thought the love is gonna be rotational
But i have been bleeding through the nose to keep them all happy.
Nneka, the smartest of them all
So intelligent but not romantic
To avoid a boring relationship, I  had to look for alternative.
Here comes Victoria… beauty with no brain
But the sight of her could take a man off balance.
I was just waving when she started drawing closer
This time, Nneka was like the worst movie i have ever watched… forgetting both the title and the story line.
I could feel sense crawling out of me
But what I’m i gonna do?
Beauty is one of the quality i have been craving for in a woman
But i wasn’t contented with Nneka being smart and Victoria’s beauty.
I was still looking for something different.

Paulina… Paulina was a churchy and caring type
She wasn’t smart neither romantic.
In her, i have found the third quality…. not enough.

They were all worth keeping but together…. so what I’m i supposed to do?
They were all forces to be reckoned with but i never had the intention to embrace polygamy…  the search continue.

Let’s take a look at the last girl on the list… Angelina
Angelina was a blend of beauty and brain
I wanted her to be more than just a friend.
She was beautiful, dutiful, flexible, so adorable…. but never vulnerable
She was the best i have ever seen.

Beautiful smile, beautiful lips.
She was my missing rib… but wasn’t too ready for the love trip.
But I’m willing to wait because she is worth keeping.

I can’t forget the gap in her dentition
When she opens it… I couldn’t hold the joy deep down
She was the extra sense i needed to build the fence.

She is worth keeping.


Written by Idken


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