The Decadence of Nigeria Music

Nigeria has a very buzzling popular music platform that has come to reflects her cultural prowess and style over the years, these has elevate the industry into international recognition. With her very robust population of over 200 million, the country young population offers the industry the large market to sustain its commercial success.

Popular But Not Purposeful

No doubt Nigeria Music has grown in length and bound, competing with the very best around the world but a questions surrounds the quality of the music produced on daily basis.

The BLOW Syndrome

Thousands of young artists are producing tons of music everyday hoping to make it to the stardom, to make it and acquire wealth, which is a good thing to aim at, but at what expense?
You look at the lyrics of their songs, listen to their music in the absence of beat, it is a pain in the flesh. And the people wholeheartedly welcomes these songs because they’ve got no choice.

© Francis Emeka

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