Wife, Relationship

Wife, Relationship

1. Your wife is number one priorities in your life.

2. Your wife is your best friend, be friendly with her.

3. Your wife need foreplay, don’t rape her.

4. Your wife is not only good for sex, carry her along in every issue.

5. Your wife is a gift, appreciate her.

6. Your wife is not a family material, never commit her unto the hand of your family members.

7. Your wife is your joy, nourish her.

8. Your wife is to be cherish, be cheerful to her

9. Your wife is your portion, cherish her.

10. Your wife is not a devil, don’t dump her.

11. Your wife is not your enemy, encourage her.

12. Your wife is a rare gem, guide her jealously.

13. Your wife is not your rival, don’t compete with her.

14. Your wife is a female gender, honor her.

15. Your wife is not common, don’t compare her.

16. Your wife is not a wash hand base, stop abusing her.

17. Your wife is a weaker vessel, handle her with care.

18. Your wife is a beautiful queen, celebrate her

19. Your wife is not a fighter, don’t fight her.

20. Your wife is not a punching bag, don’t beat her.

21. Your wife is not a game, don’t play her.

22. Your wife is the bone of your bone, do not break her.

23. Your wife is a hook, get hook to her.

24. Your wife is all you love, praise her.

25. Your wife is important, honor her.

26. Your wife is what u make her to be, accept her.

27. Your wife is your joy, pursue her.

28. Your wife needs your honor, never embarrass her in the public.

29. Your wife is not a knife, be nice to her.

30. Your wife is a distinct personality, never compare her to any work.

31. Your wife is loyal, don’t be suspicious of her

32. Your wife is not a fool, listen to her advice.

33. Your wife is not malicious, do not keep malice with her.

34. Your wife is the best friend you can have, befriend her.

35. Your wife is not a napkin, do not misuse her.

36. Your wife is not your house girl, support her in the kitchen.

37. Your wife is passionate, do not by- pass her. Make Her Smile. Be Romantic with Her. She will love you More and More

38. Your wife is very important to you, do not abandon her.

39. Your wife is a queen, do not quarrel with her.

40. Your wife is not the only owner of the sit, help her to baby sit.

41. Your wife is reasonable, do not under rate her.

42. Your wife is your responsibility, provide for her.

43. Your wife is yourself, do not separate her bed.

44. Your wife is not perfect, forgive her.

45. Your wife is your treasure, jealously guide her.

After God, your wife is the most important person in your life, You will give account to God how you handled her.

Don’t maltreat her.



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